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Microneedling or Natural Skin Rejuvenation in Lynchburg, Virginia

Attain a smoother complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with microneedling and radio frequency in Lynchburg. Aging and sun exposure create a lot of skin damage, including hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, wrinkles, and an uneven skin tone. Combining radio frequency energy and microneedling effectively combats these skin issues.


Microneedling is a popular non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates and repairs the skin in a safe, all-natural way. Sometimes called Collagen Induction Therapy, microneedling uses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote collagen production in the skin. This revolutionary procedure reduces wrinkles and lines, diminishes acne scars, corrects skin texture and tone, shrinks pores, tightens and lifts the skin, and minimizes stretch marks. When incorporated with radio frequency, microneedling effects are magnified, and the treatment is more comfortable. Moreover, microneedling is FDA-cleared as safe and effective and requires little to no downtime. Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, microneedling doesn’t employ lasers or chemicals, providing natural rejuvenation that is safe for every skin type.*

Rejuvenate your aesthetic and rediscover your natural beauty with younger, smoother, and healthier skin by scheduling a free consultation with Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic, the leading microneedling provider in the Lynchburg area. Call (434) 386-8894 or sign up for a complimentary consultation online.

Microneedling Benefits

  • Promotes collagen production & cellular renewal
  • Natural skin rejuvenation
  • Safe for every skin type*
  • Enhances topical cream & serum effects
  • Resurfaces the skin without chemicals or lasers
  • Improves other skin care treatment results
  • FDA-cleared and scientifically proven¹
  • Doesn’t generate hyperpigmentation
  • Radiofrequency enhances results & tightens skin

Microneedling Before and After

Microneedling before and after pictures reveal the dramatic improvements in skin appearance that microneedling offers. While results may vary, these before and after pictures depict actual microneedling patients and typical microneedling results.*

How Does Micro-Needling Work?

During a microneedling treatment, a specialist will use a handheld device, equipped with surgical-grade needles to create microscopic holes in the skin. The body responds to these insignificant injuries by beginning its healing mechanisms, which regenerate skin cells, release growth factors, and produces additional collagen and elastin. These responses do more than just heal the skin, though. Cellular renewal and an overflow of collagen and elastin help generate beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Micro Needling With Vivace: Fractional Micro Needling with Radio Frequency

Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic uses only the most advanced technology for our microneedling sessions. This includes the Vivace Fractional Microneedling with Radio Frequency. This advanced form of microneedling incorporates radio frequency (RF), which allows it to deliver incredible results with minimal pain. The Vivace is an FDA-cleared device that delivers deeper, more precise results than other microneedling devices, and eliminates the risk of tearing or pain. It uses insulated, gold-tip needles and a robotically controlled handpiece to ensure the procedure goes fast and that the needles are precise and exact. The even delivery of radio frequency warms the skin. This not only enhances the microneedling’s rejuvenating effects, but it also tightens the skin.

Benefits of Micro Needling with RF

  • Gentle, smooth, consistent
  • Microneedling avoids tears in the skin
  • Decreases downtime and speeds up healing
  • Enhances microneedling’s effects
  • Virtually pain-free treatments
  • Tightens skin


You are a good candidate for microneedling and RF treatment if you are noticing early signs of aging. You may not be recommended for this skin resurfacing procedure if you have active cold sores, infections, or skin disease (psoriasis). If you are undergoing chemotherapy, are pregnant, or have a history of keloidal scarring, you may be presented with alternative treatment options.


The initial consultation for microneedling and RF treatment involves a skin test and an examination of your skin. Your health history will be reviewed to confirm your compatibility with the procedure.

You will discuss your expectations and desired outcome with our skincare expert. A client-focused treatment plan will be developed to address your issues. Additional instructions may be given so that you can best prepare for the treatment.


The first step to your microneedling and RF treatment is skin cleansing. Next, a topical numbing cream will be applied to numb the area, preventing pain or discomfort. Then the RF microneedling device will be used on your target areas. Once that is complete, a serum will be applied to the skin to support healing and cell regeneration.

The whole process can take 20 minutes or more depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Wyndhurst Aesthetics is definitely top notch! The staff is exceptional and Dr. Petry was pleasant to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and can not wait to go back. I will be recommending them to everyone I know!

Microneedling Results

Microneedling with RF stimulates an increase in circulation, releases growth factors, renews skin cells, and generates collagen and elastin. Dozens of scientific studies have confirmed that microneedling causes a range of benefits.¹²³ Long-term, you can expect to see improvements in skin texture, skin tone, skin laxity, enlarged pores, and additional absorption of topical treatments. Microneedling can also treat or reduce sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and pigmentation irregularities.
Microneedling skin rejuvenation treatments also deliver immediate results, generating an appearance of plump skin and a radiant complexion.

Does Microneedling Hurt?

Numbing cream is applied before a microneedling session, which makes the process much more comfortable. While individual experiences may vary, a patient survey published by JAMA Dermatology reported that all of the surveyed microneedling patients rated their pain level as a one on a one to ten scales. The authors of the study concluded that the microneedling procedure “was not painful.”⁴

Microneedling Downtime and Aftercare

After a treatment, you might experience skin redness and swell similar to mild sunburn. These symptoms do not often last past 72 hours, although individual experiences may vary. During a free consultation in Lynchburg, your specialist will review microneedling aftercare in detail so that you’ll know what to expect following your treatment.*

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

Microneedling is an affordable treatment, but individual factors might influence each person’s exact microneedling cost. During your free consultation, a skin care specialist in Lynchburg will cover microneedling prices in detail and create a custom treatment plan that meets your goals and your budget.

As the top microneedling provider in Lynchburg, Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic offers promotions to new clients for significant savings on microneedling cost. Call Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic today to learn about our current deals on microneedling.

Microneedling Side Effects

Microneedling is an FDA-cleared treatment that replenishes the skin without employing surgery, lasers, or chemicals, which makes it safe for most skin types. Microneedling side effects are rare. During your free consultation, a specialist will discuss Microneedling side effects in detail and answer any questions you have regarding Microneedling risks.

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Patients who value excellent service and breathtaking results choose Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic as their microneedling provider in Lynchburg. At Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic, our expert specialists utilize state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to ensure amazing results that you will love. Get the best microneedling in Lynchburg by calling Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic today at (434) 386-8894 or sign up for a complimentary consultation online.

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