Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQ

Conveniently located to serve Lynchburg

Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQ

Conveniently located to serve Lynchburg

Patients come to Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics and Hormone Clinic for effective hormone replacement therapy in Lynchburg, VA. This treatment has been around for years, and the options have only become more refined, reliable, and safer. They offer significant health benefits to patients, allowing them to live more comfortable lives. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, you’ll find these hormone replacement therapy FAQs to be quite helpful.

What Can I Expect from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

For many years, hormone replacement therapy was considered exclusively to help women who were experiencing hormonal issues. However, the treatment can now be applied to men as well. The goal is still the same: correction of hormone-level imbalances through supplementation. By increasing the levels of certain hormones, optimal equilibrium is achieved. How this is achieved differs depending on the needs of the patients.

What Are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The main benefit of hormone replacement therapy is correction of hormonal imbalances that cause health problems for patients. Problems that may be resolved include a lack of energy, mood swings, memory and concentration issues, low libido, metabolism issues, sleep problems, and hair loss.

Some of the lesser-known effects include reducing the risk of hip fractures caused by osteoporosis and preventing severe cases of heart disease.

When Should I Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The right time to get hormone replacement therapy differs from patient to patient, but for women, menopause is often the best time to consider this treatment. For men, symptoms that indicate the need for treatment can be identified when they come in for a consultation. There are also rare cases where hormone replacement therapy becomes necessary after a severe illness or an accident.

What Makes Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Better Than Alternatives?

Up until recently, the most accessible form of hormone replacement therapy used synthetic versions of the chemicals in order to treat imbalances. Bioidentical hormone treatments, however, use natural alternatives that are identical to what is found in the patient’s body. As such, the replacement hormones are much easier to assimilate, and the side-effects are greatly reduced. Patients see better results at more reliable rates.

How Many Times Can I Get Hormone Replacement Therapy?

There is no set number of times that patients can get hormone replacement therapy, since it’s more a matter of duration. Technically speaking, there is also no set length of time that patients can be on hormone replacement therapy, but the amount and frequency need to be carefully controlled. Patients must come in for a consultation to learn more about this aspect of hormone replacement therapy.

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

The cost of the hormone replacement therapy can differ from patient to patient. Price depends on a few factors, all of which can be discussed during the consultation.

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