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Laser hair removal is the most popular and effective method of hair removal. Each year, millions of people choose laser hair removal over inconvenient, tedious, and short-term alternatives such as using tweezers, shaving, and waxing. The FDA cleared this treatment as safe and acceptable for most skin types, and it requires no downtime, making laser hair removal a simple, painless method for achieving smooth skin. Both men and women have benefited from hair removal lasers’ ability to permanently reduce unwanted body hair, especially from sensitive areas such as the bikini area, underarms, nipples, and upper lip.

Trade in temporary, irritating solutions for a hair reduction method that is permanent and painless. With no recovery time and long-lasting results, laser hair reduction is the solution to your skin care needs. Call Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic at (434) 386-8894 for the best laser hair removal in Lynchburg, Virginia.


  • FDA-cleared and safe
  • Permanent hair reduction that looks great
  • Effective on all skin tones
  • Fast, convenient treatments with no downtime
  • Reduced risk of ingrown hairs
  • Long-lasting results
  • Painless and no recovery time
  • Smooth, silky skin on sensitive areas
  • Advanced laser systems for the best laser hair removal


A hair removal laser works by focusing on a specific wavelength that is calibrated to penetrate the hair follicle without harming the skin. The wavelength specifically targets melanin, the pigment in hair that absorbs light. During a treatment, the laser carefully targets each hair with bursts of high-energy light that are then absorbed by the root of the hair, but not by the skin.¹

The high-energy light destroys the part of the hair follicle that allows it to grow back. However, while laser hair removal is a long-term solution for eliminating unwanted hair, treatments frequently require multiple sessions to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Multiple sessions are necessary because hair goes through three stages of growth. The anagen, or “active,” phase of growth is when the hair contains peak levels of melanin. Therefore, hair removal lasers are most effective during the anagen stage. Since only 20-30% of your hair is in the anagen phase at any given time, your aesthetician at Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic will help you choose a treatment schedule that delivers ideal results.²


Laser hair removal before and after images demonstrate the smoother, silkier skin that comes from permanent hair reduction treatments. Individual experiences may vary. However, the people depicted in these laser hair removal before and after pics are real patients and represent their actual results.*

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Laser hair removal can eliminate unwanted body hair from nearly anywhere head to toe. The most popular treatment areas include:

  • Face (including eyebrows, sideburns, ears, and upper lip)
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Chest
  • Bikini area

During your complimentary consultation at our Lynchburg office, your laser technician will discuss the areas of concern and plan your treatment so you have a better idea of how many sessions it will take to get optimal results.


As a top-tier provider of laser hair removal in Lynchburg, VA, Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic distinguishes itself by utilizing only the industry’s finest laser hair removal technology: the Gentlemax Pro laser system. Few hair removal lasers compare with the caliber of the Gentlemax Pro and the results it consistently delivers.

THE BEST LASER HAIR REMOVAL AVAILABLE: The Gentlemax Pro Laser system is one of the most efficient hair removal lasers on the market, delivering incredible results in fewer treatments.

PAINLESS LASER HAIR REMOVAL: The Gentlemax Pro Laser system’s cooling device supplants messy numbing gels and makes laser hair removal a less painful experience.*

FASTER TREATMENT TIMES: Wide beam laser technology generates a large treatment field, pulsing dozens of hairs simultaneously. This dramatically shortens treatment time on large treatment areas like the chest or back.

GENTLE LASER: The Gentlemax Pro Laser system’s gentle laser painlessly treats the most sensitive areas of the body, including the upper lip, nipples, bikini area, and underarms.

CUSTOMIZABLE TREATMENT PLANS: A customizable system lets technicians calibrate pulse duration and wavelength to match a client’s hair color and texture, skin type, and treatment area. This ensures personalized, relaxing treatments and optimal results.


The cost of laser hair removal in Lynchburg, VA depends on the number of treatments required to achieve your ideal results, and size of the treatment area. During a complimentary assessment, we will discuss exactly how much laser hair removal costs and can customize a treatment plan that will provide optimal results while meeting your budget goals.

As the premier laser hair removal provider in Virginia, Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic offers new clients the best laser hair removal in Lynchburg at some of the best laser hair removal prices. Schedule a free consultation today and learn more about how to save on laser hair removal.

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Before investing in laser hair removal, many patients want to know if treated hair has a chance of growing back. Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved solution for permanent hair reduction. As explained by researchers published in the Journal of Dermatological Surgery, when hair follicles have been severely damaged by high-intensity blasts of light, the follicles become permanently disabled and can no longer grow hair, which leads to permanent hair reduction.² Individual experiences may vary, but once you have achieved the silky feel and appearance you’ve hoped for, you can expect results that last.*


Laser hair removal pain depends on the type of hair removal laser used, the site of treatment, and the skill of the laser technician performing the procedure. At Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic, our highly experienced laser technicians provide painless laser hair removal in Lynchburg, with the Gentlemax Pro Laser system. The Gentlemax Pro is a superior hair removal laser, eliminating much of the pain associated with laser hair removal.


Located in Lynchburg, Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic specializes in non-invasive cosmetic laser treatments and is committed to providing its clients with the best laser hair removal in Virginia. Relax in our beautiful facility as our highly skilled laser technicians use the industry’s most advanced laser technologies to give you the very best results.

Be confident in your own skin with laser hair removal from Wyndhurst Medical Aesthetics & Hormone Clinic. Contact us online or call us at (434) 386-8894 to schedule a complimentary medical assessment or fill out an online consult form below.


Should I shave before the Gentlemax Pro laser?

As with any laser hair removal procedure, it is advised to avoid plucking, bleaching, and waxing for up to 6 weeks prior. The best thing to prepare is to shave down the treatment area the night prior.

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¹ Evidence-based review of hair removal using lasers and light sources. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

² Laser hair removal: A review. Dermatologic Surgery: Official Publication for American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

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