PRFM Hair Restoration Treatment in Lynchburg, Virginia

Like traditional PRP treatments, PRFM is performed by extracting platelet-rich plasma from your own natural blood cells. The Selphyl PRFM process then takes additional steps to further filter out unnecessary red blood cell (RBC) and white blood cell (WBC) contamination for the ideal solution. Converting the PRP to PRFM helps to better preserve the extracted platelets and sustain their release of growth factors for a longer period of time. This means a superior quality treatment and enhanced outcomes.

Platelets in your blood play a role in clotting and healing. They are the cells that contain the cell signaling agents that quarterback, or orchestrate, the human body’s tissue rejuvenation and healing systems. Plasma is the liquid in the blood that carries the platelets, along with red blood cells and white blood cells. During a PRP procedure, the doctor separates platelets from your blood and processes them to concentrate the growth factors. Once injected into your scalp, PRP increases blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulates the growth of new follicles, and lengthens the anagen (active) phase of the hair cycle to promote hair growth.


  • PRP is nonsurgical, with no downtime or significant safety risks. The entire procedure takes only about 30 minutes.
  • A 2019 review of studies finds that overall, both men and women have positive results in terms of increased hair thickness and regrowth.
  • The primary objective of the PRP is to slow down or appear to halt the progression of hair loss. A minority of patients will experience slight regrowth.
  • This treatment costs significantly less than hair transplant surgery, because it’s a non-surgical treatment, and is not guaranteed to grow new hair, unlike hair transplant surgery.
  • RealSelf members who say it’s “Worth It” found the procedure to be virtually painless and saw significant improvements in hair thickness and fullness.


PRFM Hair Restoration before and after pictures reveal a dramatic increase in hair growth and texture. While results may vary, the people in these Hair Restoration before and after pictures are real patients, experiencing a real increase in hair growth.*


Injected platelets from PRFM induce a reparative process within your scalp, this releases growth factors and stimulates your own collagen as well as hair growth. It is not a filler, so it does not increase the volume under the skin, but it is not an artificial stimulus since it is your own regenerative platelets and concentrated growth factors.


You’ll want to factor maintenance treatments into your budget. Because this treatment is considered cosmetic, insurance typically doesn’t cover the cost.
Your cost will depend on your provider’s location and level of experience as well as how many treatments you get overtime.

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Unlike artificial fillers or other procedures, your immune system recognizes the injection as beneficial and will not reject it. This reduces your healing time and reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. They typically last longer than comparable PRP injections because the PRFM has the added growth factors held within the fibrin matrix. It will continue to work for days and weeks whereas some PRP injections can stop regenerating within days.


Most patients will see their final results 3-6 months from their final injection. This may vary in individuals, and sometimes a second series may become necessary for your desired results. The protocol is a series of 3 treatments spaced about 6 weeks apart. There is typically no downtime, please avoid aggressively massaging the scalp for 72 hours post-treatment. It’s essential to be gentle when washing your hair or sleeping on the part of the scalp that was treated, we don’t want to disrupt the matrix.

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¹ Safety of tumescent and laser-assisted liposuction: review of the literature. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

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