About BHRT

Hormones are molecules that are synthesized and secreted by specialized cells often localized in endocrine glands. Our focus is on prevention of the diseases associated with aging. All aspects of aging are influenced by hormones. As we age cellular receptor sites become less sensitive to stimulation by hormones, thus requiring an increased amount of hormone to affect a cellular change. This is precisely why people need optimal levels of hormones and even thought their levels might be “normal” they still may need more hormones in the body to improve and feel better. (This is particularly true with thyroid.) These changes in hormones result in decreased healing and repair of tissues. Research has now proven that hormone therapies are valid means to improve and prolong quality of life thus showing that deficiencies in hormones and endocrine dysfunction are a major cause of the signs and symptoms of aging. Of course, a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. Along with the appropriate vitamins and supplements, bio-identical hormones are a key ingredient in our recipe for healthy aging. Although nothing truly reverses aging, hormones can slow down the process and help us maintain our good health. Call us today to schedule your consultation!